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Because We Care

Because We Care


While many adults, younger ones in particular, claim no specific religious affiliation, that does not necessarily mean that they do not govern themselves in accordance with spiritual beliefs. “Spirituality” concerns itself with exploring a person’s soul and transcendent relationship with their Creator, God, Higher Power, or whatever he or she calls holy. On the other hand, “religion” is a set of institutionalized texts, practices, and transcendent beliefs about a relationship with a god or gods that is shared by a community. In both cases, spiritual and religious individuals live in accordance with beliefs that connect them to a metaphysical (above the physical plane of existence) reality and to a greater community of like-minded individuals.

A funeral can and should be as unique as the life that is being celebrated. We want to help you make the arrangements that you want. Personalizing a funeral or memorial service can be very therapeutic--it gives you and your family something to concentrate on as you relive memories. To learn about our funeral services, please call 609-737-2900. We invite you to tour our funeral home at 21 North Main St. Continuous Family Service Since 1881.

QUOTE: “The possession of knowledge does not kill the sense of wonder and mystery. There is always more mystery.”

Anais Nin