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Because We Care

Because We Care


There is nothing particularly new about the natural, simple, and environmentally-friendly approach to earth burial. In fact, most burials before the mid-19th century were conducted in much the same manner as today’s “green burials.” This simplified approach calls for bodies to be neither cremated nor embalmed, but placed in an unadorned coffin or shroud and interred without a concrete burial vault. This approach more readily and completely ensures complete decomposition of the body and its natural return to the soil in a way that most closely adheres to the “ashes to ashes, dust to dust” ethos. Resting amidst the flora and fauna of a natural landscape, the dead are free to return to new beginnings.

More people are concerned with the impact we are having on the earth. Using green burial products and being buried in a natural burial ground is a way to lessen our impact and reduce our carbon footprint. To learn more about our funeral services, please call 609-737-2900. We take great pride in meaningful and dignified funeral services and always providing choices to best suit your needs. We are located at 21 North Main St. Continuous Family Service Since 1881.

QUOTE: “From the stars we came, and to the stars we return.”

Jack Campbell