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Because We Care

Because We Care


In pagan times, people were buried facing an eastward direction to look toward the rising sun. This approach to body burial orientation was continued in Judeo-Christian societies, owing to biblical history and societal tradition. The Bible shows that, when people entered sacred places, they did so from the east (facing west). Upon leaving, they exited from the west, toward the east. Jews and Christians were not the first to bury their dead facing west, and although modern cemeteries may have graves facing in other directions, east-facing tombstones are still found in many traditional Christian and Jewish cemeteries. Modern cemeteries may also vary their layouts in favor of easier access, and to accommodate people of all spiritual and religious beliefs.

People have always had a deep reverence for the dead. The funeral ceremonies they have adopted have grown out of their views on death and the afterlife. The most common methods of disposing of bodies are internment and cremation. To learn more about our funeral services, please call 609-737-2900. Family owned and operated, we take great pride in meaningful and dignified funeral services and always providing choices to best suit your needs. You’ll find us at 21 North Main St. Continuous Family Service Since 1881.  

QUOTE: “The richest person in the cemetery is the one who left the most happy memories.”

Matshona Dhliwayo