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Because We Care



The words “She did it the hard way” are inscribed on Bette Davis’ tombstone. She wished to be remembered by this phrase, which reflects the Hollywood actress’ hard fight for success. One need not be famous to leave famous last words behind, as exemplified by Lester Moore, who was buried at Boot Hill Cemetery in Tombstone, Arizona. His grave carries the immortal words “Here lies Lester Moore, four slugs from a .44, no Les no more.” Whether an epitaph is sober, reflective, humorous, or inspirational, it leaves all who view it with a lasting impression. For those wishing to write their own history, an epitaph carved in stone provides the last word.  

We strongly believe that a funeral service should be tailored to represent the life of the deceased. This is why our services range from traditional funeral services to uniquely personal ones. Together we will work alongside you to plan a meaningful funeral service that pays tribute to your loved one. To learn more about our funeral services, please call 609-737-2900. We are located at 21 North Main St. Continuous Family Service Since 1881. 

QUOTE: “I told you I was ill.”

epitaph of comedian Spike Milligan